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We help students prepare for industry-based certification exams in the classroom or virtually from the comfort of their own homes. Industry certification exams can be difficult, and our team at Pointful Education is here to help guide students toward success in their field of choice. Our company has an extensive selection of courseware available to help students get the industry skills and knowledge required for their future careers.

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Available Certification Preparation From Pointful Education

From Microsoft and Adobe professional applications to project management and entrepreneurship, we provide students with the support and accommodations necessary to help them thrive professionally. Our certification preparation solutions provide an immersive and engaging digital education curriculum for teachers to use in their curriculum to prepare their students for success.

Prepare Students for Exams With Certification Preparation

Our certification preparation materials allow teachers and students alike to accomplish their goals with resources that ensure students pass their courses and master exam materials. No matter the profession students hope to go into, Pointful Education is here to help them meet their goals with each of our certification preparation offerings. 

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Why is Certification Important?

At Pointful Education, we strive to provide opportunities for students to engage in quality content that prepares them for industry certifications. Certifications provide a career advantage by showing employers that individuals have the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities they’re looking for in their industry. They also show proof of commitment to professional development and growth–all qualities employers value immensely! Employers know that certified individuals have the skills required to do the job well and efficiently. In addition to their benefit in the job market, certifications help build self-confidence for secondary students by signaling a level of mastery achieved by completing courses related to an industry or profession. With CTE certification preparation offered by Pointful Education, students can start out on the right foot with employers—and feel confident about their career prospects moving forward!

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Taking a Certification Exam

Pointful Education is a publisher of online digital courseware, offering several Certification Prep Courses that prepare students for industry-based certification exams. These certification exams are overseen and administered by third-party providers such as Certiport®, Prometric, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In many cases, the certification exams can be taken at your local school and at a Pearson Vue testing center.

Invest in Your Students With Our Online CTE Classes

Pointful Education develops relevant, innovative, and engaging digital content for the success of your students’ secondary education. We motivate students to study and learn the skills they need for their education and careers with a variety of technology-based resources. 

Our business enables middle and high school students to broaden their horizons, hone their skills, and enter the workforce fully prepared for wherever their careers may take them. Join Pointful Education in educating the next generation with quality certification preparation services online.