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Pass Your CTE Courses & Certification Exams With Remediation

At Pointful Education, we offer the learning resources necessary to help students succeed in their education and future careers. Whether your students require additional instruction for their CTE courses or industry-based certification exams, we offer robust online classes to help them retain information, pass their courses and exams, and stay up-to-date on the skills they'll need in their desired career fields.

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What is Remediation?

If students need a boost to prepare to retake a course or certification exam, we are here to help revisit course material for mastery. Remediation allows students to refresh their knowledge on challenging subjects, relearn concepts they’ve missed, and get personalized exam preparation resources to improve their grades and test scores.

Pointful Education offers an online curriculum created to boost students’ confidence and help them engage with materials that will help them throughout their secondary education and career fields. Invest in your students’ education with quality, foundational support for their academic careers with our success-driven digital learning solutions for remediation.

Remedial Classes Crafted by Pointful Education

When students are given the opportunity to remediate their efforts, it allows them to rebuild, reignite their passion, and remain focused on attaining the goals they set out to accomplish. As educators, we offer professional remedial courses for middle and high school students looking to improve their grades, get credit for failed courses, and pass their exams hassle-free. Contact Pointful Education today to help your students get the most out of their studies with our digital education resources.