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A Powerful Instructional Design to Support Student Success

At Pointful Education, our powerful instructional design delivers an exceptional learning experience for students that is engaging, innovative, and brings real-world concepts to life. Through our digitally enhanced framework and use of multiple pedagogical concepts, courses are student-centered, structured in a research-based format, and utilize online learning best practices to optimize outcomes.

No matter your learning goals, we develop relevant and informative online CTE courses to help students reach their full potential. Pointful Education utilizes a robust instructional design, offering lessons, activities, and projects to help your students prepare for quizzes and exams. Using a variety of creative digital education tools such as interactivities, animated GIFS, graphics, text-to-speech, and language translation, educators can trust that they are fully supporting students in the way they learn best.

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Innovative Instructional Design For Secondary Education

Unlike other exam prep services, we create original content for student success. Our virtual and classroom-based learning resources allow students to pursue their aspirations with the guidance of educators and a carefully constructed curriculum. We focus on real-world concepts rooted in research-based activities and lessons. 

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Student-Centered Instructional Design Services

Our instructional design provides a wide range of learning resources to help secondary students improve their grades, test scores, and retention of information. Our instructional design includes the following:

  • Interactivities
  • Videos
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Language Translation
  • Practice Activities 
  • Concept Checks 
  • Discussions 
  • Projects 
  • Written Assignments 
  • Animated Gifs

At Pointful Education, we pride ourselves on creative, unique, and student-centered CTE courses to enhance the education system. We help middle and high school students learn the material, pass their courses and exams, and work toward their dream jobs.

Help your students reach their full potential with memorable course materials and secondary learning resources from Pointful Education.