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We prioritize your students’ aspirations and long-term goals with engaging online CTE courses and certification preparation for student success. Our classroom and virtual learning solutions help your students pass their certification exams and prepare for their future careers. 

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Where Learning Inspires Opportunity

Our digital learning solutions help your students pass their certification exams and prepare for their future careers. As educators, we prioritize flexible and affordable course offerings to help middle and high school students achieve their dreams and have access to the resources necessary for their future success.

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Online CTE Classes

Online CTE courses prepare students for their future careers, providing job-focused educational materials to enhance their education. Our digital courseware gives students access to engaging, impactful virtual content and lessons for their chosen field, both in the classroom and remotely. From videos and interactives to discussion boards and projects, we allow middle and high school students to experience a digital education that still challenges them to think critically, interact with their peers, and obtain industry knowledge they’ll need for future success. 

Explore your students’ potential and spark their curiosity with our exceptional digital learning solutions at Pointful Education.

robust learning

Provides a solution for virtual and blended learning, textbook replacement, or supplemental materials for the classroom.


engaging Design

Featuring an engaging instructional design packed with interactives, videos, rich text, graphics, and projects.


Flexible integrations

Courses are compatible with and delivered to your Learning Management Systems (LMS). 


affordable licensing

Offering an affordable solution with convenient licensing models to meet your budget.


Why Educators Trust Pointful Education

As a team of passionate educators, we are committed to the success of all learners and focused on preparing them for their future careers. Whether planning to take industry-based certification exams or exploring a variety of career paths, our digital courseware offers a quality learning solution for educators to deliver in a blended, virtual, online, or hybrid learning environment. Our full-service implementation will ensure a productive onboarding process and establish a genuine relationship with our team to support ongoing success. Contact our team to learn how you can incorporate CTE courses into your curriculum!

Case Studies

At Pointful Education, we understand that each partner is unique and that their programs reflect the diverse needs of their students. Through careful design and full-service implementation support, our partners have successfully developed career-focused programs in various educational settings. Below are a few examples of how our courseware has impacted student success.


We value the input from our clientele and partners and take pride in offering quality courseware and top-notch customer service. From implementation to annual reviews, our partners and end-users provide us with valuable input. Additionally, we conduct a yearly optimization meeting to gather feedback from our partners and end-users to reflect upon and improve our practices.


Pointful Education courses are truly unique, students are excited about having these new opportunities and enjoy taking the courses. 


The course had good, real world information and a variety of learning activities for students to complete.  The topics and information builds well upon itself as the student progresses in the course .  Thank you for the new and exciting course offerings!


The courses are really cool and different from other online courses I’ve taken.  I’d like to see more options like these, they really gave me a chance to explore career possibilities and exposed me to topics that I would not have learned otherwise.


Empower Students With Online Learning Solutions

Pointful Education helps teachers focus on their students, providing a curriculum that follows state standards and prepares students with engaging content and online CTE classes to benefit their learning and retention. 

Our digital courseware prioritizes the individual needs of your students, making learning materials as exciting, innovative, and interactive as possible. Join Pointful Education in reinventing how students learn, engage with course materials, and prepare for their careers today with exceptional virtual learning solutions from our team.