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What the (Microsoft) Word Needs Now

Pointful Education is thrilled to announce the launch of our first of 3 Microsoft Certification preparation exam courses for release to schools and partners this spring. Combined with our forthcoming certification preparation courses for Excel and PowerPoint, this Microsoft Word course will serve as a foundational opportunity for the students served by Pointful Education.
But Microsoft Word has now been around for 38 years and no doubt there have been countless courses created in that timespan that have helped individuals and students learn how to use Microsoft Word. Why in the world is Pointful Education publishing a brand-new course on this topic in 2022?
One thing to recognize is that we frequently look at the rising generation of students as “digital natives” because they have been surrounded by technology from a young age. We are impressed that children as young as 3 or 4 years old can navigate tablets or interact verbally with a smart device. But being able to call up a video or play a video game does not necessarily give students the digital skills they need for tomorrow’s careers.
Microsoft Word is the default technology for writing and word processing. But despite its simplicity, the software also has many complex aspects. A carpenter may have a wall full of tools, but unless he or she knows the use of tools and has mastered their intricacies, the tools just take up space on the wall. Similarly, there are many tools within Microsoft Word. As students recognize the value of these features, they will be able to do more and do it faster.

Pointful Education’s unique pedagogical approach combines purposeful scaffolding, informative video content, and project-based learning to create an engaging environment where students can thrive. Building on fundamental skills learned in Word (combined with an industry-recognized certification) will grow students’ confidence and allow them to improve in other coursework, and in the future workplace.

To learn more about our Word Certification course or other unique CTE and elective course, please contact us!

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