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Pointful Education Delivers Personal Finance Curriculum Solutions for Schools Nationwide

Pointful Education, a leading digital curriculum publisher of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and elective courseware, announced the launch of a new course that aligns with the newly released Intuit Personal Finance certification from Certiport, to complement its existing suite of Financial Literacy courseware offerings.

Personal Finance Education Resources

With 23 states (and counting) that have instituted a personal finance course as a high school graduation requirement, Pointful Education (“Pointful”), is positioned as a premier leader in Personal Finance education. In addition to the Intuit Personal Finance course, Pointful has existing popular courses in its finance pathway including:

  • Career Exploration in Finance
  • Career and Financial Management
  • Fundamentals of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency
  • Personal Finance
  • QuickBooks

“Our suite of personal finance courses is expertly designed to align with state curriculum standards, offering a seamless integration into current educational frameworks,” said Crystal Guiler, Pointful Education’s Chief Academic Officer. “Our courses are more than just lessons; they are gateways to financial empowerment for young adults. We are committed to supporting schools across pioneering states—and the nation—in implementing financial literacy programs. Our courses are crafted to engage students with real-life scenarios, interactive tools, projects, and up-to-date content, ensuring that the leaders of tomorrow are well-prepared to navigate the financial challenges and opportunities of the future.”

“With the ever-evolving economic landscape, our curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest financial trends and information,” said Steve Southwick, Pointful Education CEO. “Future-looking and timely topics such as budgeting apps, cryptocurrencies, and even inflation are concepts that today’s students will be grasping with and must be a part of any new curricula. We stand ready to partner with schools, ensuring that students are well-equipped with the financial acumen needed to thrive in a complex and evolving world.”

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Pointful Education has a catalog of 52 courses that span multiple career clusters and certification preparation. To learn more, please visit www.pointfuleducation.com.

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