Pointful Education

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners

The Challenge
Citizens High School (CHS) serves a culturally diverse student population for which 34% of their students are represented from 38 different countries. Given the global impact they have and their ability to offer quality online learning, it is their vision to provide diverse learning opportunities for their students. This includes options for earning industry certifications while in high school. They believe this will allow a student to enhance their qualifications, whether they immediately join the workforce upon graduation or continue their education at a post-secondary institution.
The Solution
Citizens High School believes their partnership with Pointful Education fits directly within their mission to:
  • Provide affordable high-quality education leading to economic and social mobility,
  • Create more opportunities for students to achieve their educational goals, and
  • Offer options for students to earn industry-based certifications.
With these goals at the forefront, CHS will continue to have a positive impact on student learning and offer more rewarding opportunities to more students. In fact, CHS has noticed that when students enroll in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses such as those offered by Pointful Education, there is more engagement from the student, higher retention rates, and a reduction in the time it takes the student to complete their courses – both CTE courses and their regular academic courses. In fact, according to the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives, Brian Morris, “Pointful Education courses provide our students the knowledge and skills to be successful in the next state of their lives. Their course offerings match the workforce needs of the 21st century and give CHS students a distinct advantage.”
The Outcome
CHS reported that Pointful education courses have a 93.7% completion rate and all the students who have completed the course have earned an A in their course. Furthermore, their student satisfaction rate for the curriculum is 100%.
About Citizens High School
Citizens High School is a fully accredited online high school built on the pillars of quality instruction, flexible course selection, and unique educational opportunities. They provide students with multiple online learning programs to include their 18-credit career track program which is designed for students who are interested in following a career first path. This program focuses more on career and technical readiness courses than traditional academic core courses. Their second program is our 24-credit College Flex program. This program is designed for students who are looking to attend a two-year or four-year college or university. It focuses more on the core academic courses but provides the flexibility necessary for a student to develop a course plan tailored to their college’s admission requirements or their major of study in college. All courses are asynchronous and taught by either state-certified teachers or subject matter
experts. Additionally, CHS allows students to enroll in individual courses.
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