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woman in a virtual reality headset

How AR and VR is Changing Industries

Augmented reality (AR) & virtual reality (VR) is spilling into nearly every facet of every industry!
I took one anatomy class in college, and I really wish someone would have told me to take the lab class at the END of the day. I’m sure my fellow classmates in my following classes wish someone would have told me that too. I wreaked of formaldehyde for the rest of the day. So, when I heard that augmented reality has created a way for anatomy students to study the human body in a way that’s much more efficient than staring at a tiny textbook picture, and much less smelly than a cadaver lab… I was intrigued.
Little did I know, that was just one incredible application for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). You see, I thought that VR and AR was mostly for gamers. I thought the uses started and stopped with people digital avatars blowing up other digital avatars or collecting the ever-illusive Pokemon. Wrong. I was so wrong.
VR/AR is spilling into nearly every facet of every industry. From the way we shop to the way we receive healthcare, VR/AR are shaking things up – for the better. In Pointful Education course, Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications, we will examine what exactly constitutes virtual reality and augmented reality. We go through the foundations of the technology and on to some of the best-of-the-best applications out there to date.
Here’s some of what I consider to be the highlights of each module:
  • Introduction to Augmented and Virtual Reality: Got to start with a firm foundation! This will help make sure you’re clear as crystal on the different terms and learn all about how we got to where we are with VR and AR.
  • Augmented Reality: Here we look at some of the technology behind AR. Don’t worry- if my decidedly non-techy brain can understand it, so can yours!
  • Virtual Reality: After looking at what it takes to make VR realistic, you’ll begin to understand why even though it has been around for a couple decades, it is really starting to take off now.
  • Social and Telepresence: Here we take a close look at how you can be in one place while actually being in another (hologram enthusiasts, get excited!).
  • Education: From elementary schools taking class field trips to the coral reef, to medical students gaining more hands on experience, VR and AR are revolutionizing education.
  • Engineering, Architecture, and Construction: These companies in these industries will be safer, more communicative, and save money in the future, all thanks to VR/AR.
  • Entertainment: What’s life without a little fun, huh?! Find out about how VR is revolutionizing the dying arcade business and why you’ll want to grab a group of friends and head out for a group mixed reality experiences.
  • Shopping: The internet changed retail dramatically. But online shopping isn’t without its drawbacks. Find out how VR and AR provide the solution to some of online shopping’s greatest challenges.
  • Healthcare: From overcoming phobias to experiencing less pain during procedures, VR and AR applications in healthcare are limitless and pretty exciting!

And that’s just to give you a little taste! We also dive into issues such as VR/AR and safety, costs vs. rewards, and where improvements need to be made in the technology.

Compared to other technologies and industries, VR/AR is just a baby. It still has so much growth to achieve and applications to explore. By taking this course and getting a firm start in the field, students will have a tremendous advantage in taking VR/AR to new places.

Best wishes,
Steve Southwick, CEO