Pointful Education

Transportation Technologies

Flying Cars, oh my!

An Uber comes to pick you up… but there’s no driver.

The pizza you ordered arrives on your front porch… but there’s no delivery person.

Traffic to get downtown is a nightmare, but it’s no problem for you…. because you can FLY.

Okay, the above scenarios kind of sound like the plot line to a (super cheesy) movie. But actually, that’s the future that visionaries in the field of transportation are working toward achieving. Transportation is an incredibly exciting field right now. There are so many changes happening rapidly. These changes could totally revolutionize the way we commute, how we connect with people, and even where we live.

Secondary students are in the perfect position to play an integral role in the transportation revolution. They will be entering the work force over the course of the next decade, which is when many of these changes are projected to launch. Students that already have background knowledge and a passion for these upcoming technologies will be able to base their college career around expanding that knowledge and position themselves for top careers in the field.

Students: think about how exciting it will be to tell your grandkids that you worked for the company that first put a person on the planet Mars. Or that you wrote the programming for the driverless car they ride in every day.

Pointful Education’s introductory course, Transportation Technologies, is chock-full of fascinating details that students will actually enjoy learning! As one student said “I learned more in the last hour (while previewing the drones module) than I did in the last week at regular school.” And this high schooler was just part of the focus group! He wasn’t even fully enrolled! (Yes, of course, we tested this course with actual high school students! No sense in creating yet another duller than dishwater online course.)

Here’s just one tidbit from each module that students will learn:

  • Flying cars: The term “flying car” is actually a bit of a misnomer. Most are more like little jets, little helicopters, and cars all blended together.
  • Driverless cars: As cars become more and more autonomous the very set up of our cities could change!
  • Drones: Drones are literally lifesavers when it comes to disaster relief.
  • Supercavitation: It might turn out that getting from LA to Hong Kong is faster underwater- thanks to supercavitation of submarines- than by airplane!
  • Podcars/personal transportation: There are motorcycle/car hybrids out there right now and They. Are. Awesome
  • Space travel: Reusable rockets are all the rage in space travel these days…we’ve just got to make sure we can perfect them!
  • Interstellar travel: There’s a whole lotta problems stacked against us for this one. It’s going to take some absolutely brilliant minds to make this happen. (Maybe yours!)
  • Hyperloop: Magnets are useful for more than hanging artwork on the refrigerator
  • Jetpacks: Darn physics keeps getting in the way of me being able to jetpack off to work
  • Supersonic Jets: We use to be able to fly at supersonic speeds. Now we don’t. In the future we just might travel that fast again.

This is definitely a course that every forward-thinking school should have, and one that every student will love!