Pointful Education

Committed to Continued Success in Education

As our company responds to COVID-19, the continued success of students remains our top priority. We understand the critical work of educators and know that many are making plans or have already transitioned to virtual learning. Below is how we are responding to support the virtual learning needs of educators, students, and families.
Family Guide: Essentials for Virtual Learning Success
While educators are focused on developing plans for their transition to virtual instruction, occupied with staff training and faced with making tough implementation decisions we are here to support them with a helpful resource for students and families. We know that this is an adjustment for many and that virtual learning may be completely new to others. WE CARE and are here to support you on your educational journey.
Course Enrollments: Complimentary Access through June 30, 2020
Pointful Education online curriculum offers pathways to prepare students for industry certifications, engage in career exploration, learn about forthcoming technologies and examine the impact to our society. Geared towards secondary and post-secondary students, courses are used for elective or CTE credit, and supplemental curriculum to keep students engaged. To assist in the demand for online curriculum we are pleased to offer schools, districts, and other educational organizations complimentary student enrollments through June 30, 2020. This offer is available through an integration with your organization’s Learning Management System (LMS). Other hosted LMS solutions may be available to select users.