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Project Management

A Career in Project Management

Project Management is all about communicating with people, solving interesting problems, and getting things done. Just think of all the amazing things that were created by projects! From ground-breaking products like the iPhone and massive construction projects like the Empire State Building to fancy events like the royal wedding and revolutionary software that powers our favorite video games.

Project managers manage projects, obviously. But their role is to improve the entire company or organization. It may be by saving the company time or money. It might be by improving operations and increasing efficiency. In any case, as a project manager, you will positively affect those around you and those on your project teams. An, since you’re always working on new things, you’ll never be bored as a project manager!

Why should you invest in a career as a Project Manager? It is a career that is meaningful, it allows one to make positive contributions to their company, industry, and the world. By working with various teams and being challenged daily to solve problems that help strategic goals, you are making a BIG difference. The reward of project management happens why you, as the leader, put all the pieces together and make a project flow seamlessly. Collaboration, meeting deadlines, staying under budget – that’s the good stuff!

For secondary students thinking about a career as a project manager, the Project Management Ready certification exam is a logical first step. According to the Project Management Institute, this exam “is a way for students to immerse themselves in the project management industry and connect with this passionate community of professionals”, all while gaining a competitive edge. Pointful Education offers a ProjectManagement course that is designed to prepare students for this certification. Students participate in engaging lessons, videos, activities, and projects to learn all about this fascinating career path! Get in contact with us to learn more about getting your students started today!